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Barnyard Mixed Breed Fertilized Eggs for Incubation (12ct)


We hand gather our fertilized eggs twice daily to ensure the freshest and most viable product possible. Through the months of January and February, we have our 1 year old Americana Rooster "Tie Dye" doing the work. All shipped eggs will be a barnyard mix of "Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Black Star, Black Australorp and White Leghorn. All of which are fantastic layers. 


We incubate our own eggs to ensure high hatch-ability and fertility rates. All chicks hatched are unassisted and any genetic defects are culled immediately to maintain the highest poultry standards. While our hatch rates are high here at Wind Hill Farms, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate and or sex of chick due to circumstances beyond our control. We do however guarantee that all eggs shipped will be fertile. If an infertile egg is discovered, please send a candling photo within the first seven days of incubation. Four replacement eggs will be shipped immediately (buyer responsible for shipping costs on replacement eggs).

Incubation Eggs Barnyard Mix (12ct)

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