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"Big Sky" - Photo by Alicia Redfield


"Tangled" - Photo by Alicia Redfield

our vineyard


A love story from beginning to end, our family farm is a gift we feel called to share with you and yours. An intimate setting surrounded by warm friends, good conversation and accomplished wines. There’s nothing fancy, proper or stuffy at Wind Hill Farms, only good ol’ fashioned hospitality.

With great wine comes a great vineyard. We take the utmost care in vineyard management and viticultural practices, ensuring the highest quality fruit which is the foundation of every great wine. We attend to each and every vine by hand, paying close attention to the needs of each plant.  Established in 2019, our vineyard estate grown red varietal is the Blaufränkisch grape while our primary focus is the Traminette as our white varietal.

Come explore our farm, meet our family and animal friends, breathe and relax, grab a bite or find a new favorite wine. We look forward to your visit.

Our Vines

lehigh valley ava


American Viticultural Area

Some vineyard managers designate numbers for respective rows, we chose a different approach. Come and See(k).


The Red Wine easier  to drink than to pronounce.

Blaufränkisch - The typical palate of this late ripening variety is characterized by deep wood berry or cherry tones, and reveals its characteristic acidity Blaufränkisch can yield wines with dense structure and prominent tannins. The wines are often impetuous in their youth, but develop velvety facets when sufficiently ripe. Fuller, stronger versions have good ageing potential.


The Great French - American Hybrid

Traminette is a hybrid white grape variety originally bred at the University of Illinois in 1965. It is the result of a crossing between Gewurztraminer and Joannes Seyve 23.416, and retains some of its more famous parent's characteristics: Traminette wines tend to be floral and spicy, and are made in both dry and off-dry styles.


The Lehigh Valley AVA is an American Viticultural Area located in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. The AVA includes portions of Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Schuylkill, Carbon, and Monroe counties. 

The wine region includes 230 acres of vineyards. The climate of Lehigh Valley has been compared to the cooler climates of central or northern Europe, favoring the production of French-American hybrid grapes, especially 15 to 20 percent of the wine produced in Pennsylvania is made from grapes grown in the Lehigh Valley AVA.

Lehigh Valley AVA includes many wineries. Search the map above to configure your wine trail.

from our cellar

Submission Blau Revised 5_12_20.jpg

Our noble mother of the farm Olive graces the label of this bright and decadent Traminette wine. As a heritage to our herd she leads with dignity and love, producing offspring that thrive and bring much joy to our family farm. With such and honorable lineage comes great responsibility and care. Such is the same for our beloved Traminette; a vine stock with heritage rooted in strong family character that of it's parent vine "Gewürztraminer".

Notes include light perfume, cinnamon, lilac, orange blossom and citrus peel, bergamot, and honeysuckle *pair it with shellfish, chicken, pork, and veal with that have spicy or sweet and sour sauces.

VARIETY:                                     Traminette 100% Estate Grown 

VINIFICATION:                          Single Day Maceration Basket Press

FERMENTATION:                        Traditional

VESSEL AGING:                          Stainless Steel

RESIDUAL SUGAR:                 Dry

ANALYSYS:                                    13.5% alc, 8.4 g/L TA, 3.1 pH

PRODUCTION:                                38 Cases

It is with great delight and eager anticipation, to present to you our lovely greyhound at arms Rogan. Undeniably, this handsome and jovial fellow brings out the carefree and fancy free around this vineyard. Rogan has been know to outwit himself now and again, or maybe confuse himself with a duck, but he will always remain the HERO of the farm.

The Blaufrankisch on the other hand is an off dry red, rich with black fruit, contrasted by peppery flavors and boisterous acidity and is very much food friendly. This grape hails it's origins from Austria.

VARIETY:                                      Blaufränkisch 100% Estate Grown 

VINIFICATION:                          Mild Maceration Basket Press

FERMENTATION:                        Traditional

VESSEL AGING:                          Stainless Steel

RESIDUAL SUGAR:                 Off Dry

ANALYSYS:                                    13.5% alc, 8.1 g/L TA, 2.93 pH

PRODUCTION:                                27 Cases

Das Bussi.PNG

Our piquette we call "Das Bussi", German for "The Kiss" is rehydrated Blaufränkisch skins mingled with Orange Blossom Honey, left to ferment in the bottle creating a delightfully light fizz. Drink as an aperitif or blend with your favorite Moscato for added sweetness.

VARIETY:                                      Blaufränkisch 100% Estate Grown - Orange Blossom Honey

VINIFICATION:                          3rd Press Grape Skins

FERMENTATION:                        Bottle Fermentation

VESSEL AGING:                          Bottle Aged

RESIDUAL SUGAR:                 Dry

ANALYSYS:                                    8% alc, 8.5 g/L TA, 3.1 pH

PRODUCTION:                                12 Cases

Malbec Final.png

The Jericho collection of wines come to you with grapes originating from all over our great nation. We are blessed with the opportunity to warm your soul through sourced grapes turned into wine right here at our farm winery.

VARIETALS:      Riesling                     Catherine Valley Finger Lakes Seneca Lake AVA

                                   Cabernet Franc     Catherine Valley Finger Lakes Seneca Lake AVA




The Jericho collection of wines also include several types of mead, wine made from locally sourced honey.

MEAD VARIETALS:      Ol’ Fashioned Dry – Orange Blossom Honey 

                                                   Crimson Path – Cherry and Vanilla Bean 

                                                   Honey Hopped – Mosaic and Cascade Hops 

                                                   Sweet Bee – Back Sweetened Wildflower Honey 750ml 


jericho Collection



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  • Charcuterie Board

  •  Pretzel Platz Gourmet Soft Pretzels

  •  Figliata Board

  •  22 Peppers Hot Sauce

  • Bason Whole Bean Coffee


Aout Us


Homesteading is a challenging but extremely rewarding experience.

Some people choose to raise their own food or use home remedies to avoid questionable commercial products. Others focus on taking steps to stock up on food or prepare for everyday emergencies for peace of mind. Some enjoy the challenge of learning new skills and getting more exercise and time outside. 


We decided that all these things were important to us as well as maintaining the homesteading traditions our country was founded on.


All Glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for making this possible. 

Winter pruning is essential for shaping the vine as well as creating the best environment for optimum vine health and production.

Vineyard Manager - Sean Redfield​


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Opening Hours

Friday: 1pm - 6pm

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Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

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Upcoming Events

  • Pilates in the Vineyard
    Pilates in the Vineyard
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, Aug 24
    Wind Hill Farms
    Aug 24, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Wind Hill Farms, 1338 Wind Hill Rd, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Aug 24, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Wind Hill Farms, 1338 Wind Hill Rd, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    WHF collaborates with Pilates instructor Shannon Tompkins to bring you Pilates in the Vineyard.
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